Monday Lunch Clubs

  • Knowledge Bowl – Advisors Ben & Julie Dow in M-305 (weekly  Oct – Mar.)

Tuesday Lunch Clubs

  • Students for Sustainability (SFS) - A-106 - Advisors Tim Behrenfeld, Lois Sherwood

Tuesday After School - Vessel Operations in G-24

Wednesday Lunch Clubs

  • Interact - A-102

Wednesday After School - Sewing with Karen Forbes - M-107

Thursday Lunch Clubs

  • Mock Trial - Advisor Chris Pierson - A-203
  • Gay Straight Alliance - Advisor Julie Dow - M-305

Friday Lunch Clubs

  • American Sign Language (ASL) - Advisor Rene Olson - M-306
  • Honors English 9 - Advisor Jennifer Nielsen - A-204
  • Honors English 10 – Advisor Tom Gambill in M-101 (every other week)
  • Honors World History 10 – Advisor Tom Gambill in M-101 (every other week)
  • Honors CWP - Advisor Ben Dow - M-309

Below is the paperwork for the Fall and Spring Plays, Mock Trial and Knowledge Bowl. You can download and return the Activity Informational and Authorization Form with $25 to the ASB Office.

Activity Authorization Form

Athletic/Activity Code

Medical Emergency form

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