Current Scholarships

Any scholarships that are announced to PTHS will be listed on this webpage and published in the daily bulletin. Information on how to apply for these scholarships will be listed.

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Using the search scholarship tab on website, enter the words Jefferson County to access many local scholarships. 

•  The Port Townsend Education Association Scholarship - The professional association of Port Townsend teachers and certificated staff will award a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a career in education. The deadline for applying is June 1. Applications may be found on the WashBoard site.  More information is available in the Counseling Office.

 •   Windermere Port Townsend High School Scholarship is now accepting applications from interested PTHS seniors.  The scholarship can be used at any four or two-year college or university, technical college or vocational/technical school.  The application is available on site along with further directions.  The closing date for submitting an application is May 18, 2018.

 The Port Townsend Salmon Club 2018 Scholarship wishes to offer $1,000 to a graduating high school senior that submits a completed application packet that demonstrates:

 achievement and curiosity in their academic studies,

 an interest in marine sciences and 

 a desire to study and develop more skills in local marine issues or as a potential career path.

The student awarded funds can be used for post high school education/training at any two or four year institution.

A completed application will include a goal statement of how these funds would support the student learner to achieve their educational goals.  A personal statement focusing on introducing the student and an overview of the experiences and/or studies that have shaped the interest in marine science to date.  The complete questions, along with further details regarding the application process are available in the PTHS Counseling Office.

The completed applications should be submitted to the PTHS Counseling Office. The application deadline is 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.  Late submissions will not be accepted.


•   Gerry Hyatt Bergstrom Vocal Music Scholarship is accepting applications for this scholarship.  To be eligible a student must be studying in the field of vocal music in a post-high school conservatory, two year community college or four-year college.  The field of vocal music includes vocal music performance, vocal music conducting, vocal music accompanying or vocal music teaching.  Further information regarding scholarship qualifications and application procedures are available in the PTHS Counseling Office or by emailing for more information.  

The scholarship application deadline is May 15, 2018.


•   Wild Rose Chorale Music Scholarship is accepting applications from graduating high school seniors in East Jefferson County.  To be eligible, students must be studying or continuing to participate in the field of choral music once out of high school, in a post high school conservatory, two year community college or four year college or university,  The field of choral music includes vocal music performance, choral music conducting, choral music accompanying or choral music teaching.

Further details regarding the scholarship application process is available in the PTHS Counseling Office or by emailing for more information.  

The completed application must returned by May 15, 2018


•   The Port Townsend Rotary Club is now accepting applications for The  Neil Potthoff "Service Above Self" Award.  This scholarship is to honor Mr. Neil Pothoff who started in Port Townsend School District in 1949 as a sixth grade teacher.  He eventually served as the Port Townsend High School principal for 21 years and is member of Port Townsend Rotary Club for 61 years.  The scholarship application and further details regarding the application process is available on website. Deadline is 05/15/2018. 


•   The National Horatio Alger Association and Career Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from graduating seniors who will be attending career technical programs in the fall 2018.  This program provides financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.  The association will award 1020 scholarships in 2018 across the United States with a maximum award amount of $2500 depending on the cost of the program and the need of the student. Scholarship criteria also include commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical certificate, meet Pell Grant eligibility and be a United States citizen.  Further details regarding the application form and procedure can be found at the website:   The first priority deadline for applications to be submitted will be June 15, 2018.


•       Terry Purviance Martin Memorial Scholarship  - Terry Purviance was a 1979 Port Townsend High School graduate. The criteria for this scholarship include the following.  The student nominated is a graduating Port Townsend High School senior.  The student nominated can be attending a 4-year public or private college/university, a 2- year public/private college or a vocational/technical school.  The application process will be by nomination ONLY from any non-related individuals for example: fellow PTHS classmates, PTHS teachers and/or community members.  PTHS students can not nominate themselves for this scholarship.   

The scholarship application requires a letter written recognizing a PTHS student who embodies personal integrity, heart and character, with special regards to qualities of inclusive leadership, kindness to all, zest for life and varied interests.

The letter should include how the student fulfills the scholarship criteria.  The nominating letter regarding this scholarship can be mailed or turned to the Port Townsend High School Counseling Office, 1500 Van Ness Street, Port Townsend WA 98368.

The deadline for nominations to be received at the PTHS Counseling Office is 3:00 p.m. May 4, 2018, no exceptions.


•       Andy Palmer Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship has been established to recognize the personal characteristics of kindness, loyalty, integrity and humility.  Andy's life was full of friends who treasure the special way he touched their hearts and their lives and his life is commemorated by this scholarship.  The award will be made to a graduate who has consistently exemplified the personal characteristics as practiced by Andy Palmer during his life and his efforts at encouraging a culture of kindness.

The recipient will be selected through a letter of nomination process.  The letters should not only specify the characteristics that make the candidate deserving of the award but also cite specific examples of how the student has consistently demonstrated an effort to create and support a culture of kindness, loyalty, integrity and humility at school and in the community.  Letters should be succinct but adequately describe the candidate's qualifications.  Any non-related individual such as classmates, school faculty or support staff member, employer, youth leader neighbor or other community members may submit a nomination.  The recipient must be planning to enroll in a post high school education or training program. The deadline for nominations to be received at the PTHS Counseling Office is 3:00 p.m. May 4, 2018, no exceptions.


2018 Port Townsend High School

Alumni Association Scholarship Awards


The Port Townsend High School Alumni Association will present academic and vocational scholarships to graduating seniors who are descendants of alumni; i.e., parents and/or grandparents.


Students apply at with a goal statement, résumé, budget proposal, letters of recommendation from two teachers, letters of recommendation from two community members, transcript and the name(s) of your parent(s)/grandparent(s) and what year they graduated from Port Townsend High School.


Application material must be submitted to by Friday, May 4, 2018.

Scholarship Winners

The scholarship winners will be announced at the PTHS Scholarship Awards assembly on Monday, June 4th at 6 pm at Blue Heron. Scholarship winners MUST BE PRESENT at the annual PTHS Alumni Banquet on Saturday, June 9th at 6:30 pm in order to receive the scholarship. See Jan Boutilier in the office if you need more information.

The KC Nomura STEM Scholarship is now accepting applications through website.  This $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a PTHS graduating senior who intends to study science, technology, engineering or math.  The award is sponsored by the family of KC Nomura.  The scholarship funds may be applied to tuition or books.  
Seniors apply for this scholarship on and the application deadline is May 1, 2018.


•   International Pacific Halibut Commission Merit Scholarship - The International Pacific Halibut Commission funds several Merit Scholarships to support university, technical college and other post-secondary education.  The scholarship fund has been established to assist the further education of Canadian and U.S. students connected to the Pacific halibut fishery and its industry.  Generally a single new scholarship valued at $4,000 per year is warded every two years. The scholarships are renewable subject to maintenance of satisfactory academic performance.  The scholarship for 2018 will be available for educational entrance or continuation in fall of 2018.  Additional questions can be directed to Kelly Chapman (206)  Applications are available through the Commission  Offices or on the Commission's website at: must be received by 30 June 2018 and emailed to:


Seniors Scholarship Opportunity - Olympic Driftwood Sculptors is now accepting applications from qualified candidates for the Visual Art Scholarship.  The scholarship is worth $2,000 and is available to current 12th grade art students at any public, private or home-school on the North Olympic Peninsula.  A student eligible for consideration for this scholarship must be pursuing a major or minor in visual arts and be accepted into an accredited visual arts college/institution.   The student will need to submit the scholarship application and examples of their art. The application is available online at  Please be aware that the application form needs to be downloaded or you will not be able to fill out the form online, save it and email it. The hard copy application and directions can also be found in the counseling office. Visual arts can include the following:  Studio Art (2D or 3D, Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Animation, Multimedia or Art Education. The scholarship application and supporting  materials (pegs) need to be emailed on or before 11:59 pm on 4-15-2018 or the flash drive with the scholarship application and jpegs need to be received in the regular mail on or before 4-15-2018.


•   The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) is proud to announce their 2018-19 education scholarship to assist and encourage workforce training in the construction industry.  BIAW has at least $10,000 available in funding for students in Washington State pursuing a degree in the construction industry.  The scholarship application is now available on the BIAW's website at  You can also obtain the application by emailing Amanda Fields, BIAW Education Program Director at or 800-228-4229 ext 114.  Further scholarship criteria and application guidelines are available in the Counseling Office.  

Completed applications must be postmarked by May 4, 2018.


•     Redfin Scholarship (national) is now accepting applications for their $2,500 scholarship to help one student on his or her journey through higher education.  The Spring Application period is from November 1-January 31 of each year.  The Fall application period is from May 1-July 31 of each year.  The application is completed online and includes an essay question.  Eligibility criteria include: legal U.S. resident, 18 years of age or olde, a graduating high school senior or current freshman, sophomore or junior in college attending an accredited university or college and have a cumulative unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or higher.  Apply online on the following website: Redfin Scholarship:

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