PTHS Campus Safety
PTHS Campus Safety is a Top Priority
PTHS Campus Safety

Campus and Student Safety
is a Top Priority!

Port Townsend High School is:

  • A drug free campus
  • A weapon free campus
  • A tobacco free campus
  • An alcohol free campus

Students, visitors and staff are required to comply with policies and procedures regarding keeping our campus a drug free/weapon free/tobacco free/alcohol free zone. 

Any individuals found in violation are subject to suspension or expulsion (when a student) up to and including arrest.  For adult visitors and parents, please be aware that even though Washington State has legalized marijuana possession and use by some adults, marijuana and related paraphernalia is not to be brought on campus at any time by any individual.

Download our Campus Safety Reminder for Students and Parents HERE.

School district policies outline specific language regarding these expectations:

Student Conduct Code Violations for Alcohol and Other Drug Use - Policy 3240 and 3240P, 2121 and 2121P

Tobacco - Policy 4215 and 4215P

Safe and Drug Free Schools - Policy 3200 and 3200P, RCW 69.50.204 Schedule 1